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Sofia Rosinsky is known for her role as Mac, in Amazon’s “Paper Girls”, Zora, in Disney’s “Fast Layne”, and Lucy, in Johannes Robert’s “The Other Side Of The Door”. The young actor and Filmmaker has formed a Film Production Company with her sister Alexis Rosinsky. Under this nascent company, the sisters have produced several short films and garnered many international awards for their work. They are in pre-production on their first feature film as filmmakers, Nightly Isle.

Sofia and her sister Alexis Rosinsky split their time between Los Angeles California, and the United Kingdom, with frequent visits to The San Francisco Bay Area.

Both girls hope to live and work in Europe eventually. Sofia enjoys string instrument playing particularly with United Kingdom and European folk musicians. Sofia is an avid drummer, piano, and string musician. She works in the Meisner Technique and has studied for years with K. Louise Middleton.

IMDb Mini Biography By: Klm (Source)

Born June 10, 2006
Birth Place Los Angeles, California, USA
Nickname Fizursky
Height 5′ 4″ (1.63 m)


Sofia Rosinsky – Movies & Short Films

Rosinsky - Paper Girls
Rosinsky - Fast Layne
Rosinsky - Faery
Rosinsky - The Other Side of the Door
Rosinsky - Snap
Rosinsky - Where Is She Now
Rosinsky - Fall in Love Again
Rosinsky - Behind the Violin
Rosinsky - Don't Run
Rosinsky - Lokum
Rosinsky - Bar Au Chocolat
Rosinsky - Maybe


Photos from Movies and Short Films

Sofia Rosinksy
Sofia Rosinksy
Sofia Rosinksy
Sofia Rosinksy
Sofia Rosinksy
Sofia Rosinksy
Sofia Rosinksy
Sofia Rosinksy

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